Visit by the queen mother of the Netherlands
Visit by the queen mother of the Netherlands

Royal NavyVaria
Royal NavyVaria

In 1857 Anna Paulowna, daughter of the Russian tzar Paul I, sister of tzars Alexander I and Nicolas I, widow of king Willem II of the Netherlands, and mother of the reigning Dutch king Willem III, made a brief visit to England.

Extracts from the Times newspaper
Sa 15 August 1857



Her Majesty the Queen of the Netherlands embarked from the docks this day about half- past 1 o'clock, in the Royal steam yacht Fairy, Captain the Hon. Joseph Denman on a visit to the Queen, at Osborne, for the purpose, we believe, of taking farewell of Her Majesty previous to her return home. Count de Randwyck (Lord Chamberlain), Baron de Tindal (chamberlain), Baron de Weckherlin (private secretary), Baroness de Pabot and Baroness de Heldewier (ladies of honour), were in attendance upon the Queen. General Bouverie, Equerry in waiting to Queen Victoria, came over from Osborne to receive and accompany Her Majesty of the Netherlands.

The state railway carriage in which Her Majesty travelled from London was brought into the docks, alongside the stairs, at which the state barge was in waiting; and on stepping from the carriage the Queen was received by Mr. P. Hedger and Mr. J. Levy, on the part of the dock company. A large space of quay was barricaded in, and covered with scarlet cloth, with which material the steps to the barge were also lined. On Her Majesty entering the barge, which was steered to the Fairy by Captain Denman, the Netherlands flag was hoisted in the bows, and transferred to the masthead of the Fairy as soon as Her Majesty was on board.

The Queen appeared much pleased with the excellent arrangements made by the dock authorities for her embarkment.

As the Fairy steamed down the river a Royal salute was fired from the Melampus frigate.

The Queen of the Netherlands returns on Saturday, at 2 o'clock, in the Royal yacht, and proceeds per South-Western Railway to London.

Ma 17 August 1857



Sir Moses and Lady Montefiore had the honour of an audience of the Queen yesterday, and presented the son of his Highness the Pasha of Egypt to Her Majesty.

The Queen of the Netherlands arrived at Osborne at 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, having disembarked at Osborne Pier, where his Royal Highness the Prince Consort was waiting to accompany Her Majesty to the house.

The Queen received the Queen of the Netherlands at the entrance, with the Royal children, attended by the ladies and gentlemen in waiting.

Soon after 5 o'clock the Royal party drove out in an open carriage-and-four.

The dinner party in the evening included the Queen of the Netherlands, the Princess Royal, the Prince of Leiningen, Mademoiselle Pabst, Mademoiselle Heldewier, the Comte de Randwick, Baron Tindal, Baron Wakerlin (in waiting on the Queen of the Netherlands), Colonel the Hon. C. B. Phipps, and Lieutenant-General Sir W. Codrington, who arrived yesterday on a visit.

The Hon. Mary Bulteel has succeeded the Hon. Beatrice Byng as Maid of Honour in Waiting.

AUG. 16.

The Queen of the Netherlands left Osborne yesterday.

Her Majesty and his Royal Highness the Prince Consort accompanied the Queen of the Netherlands to Osborne Pier, and embarked in the Royal barge with Her Majesty.

On arriving alongside the Royal yacht Fairy the Queen and Prince took leave of Her Majesty, and the Fairy proceeded to Southampton. Major-General Bouverie, Equerry to the Queen, attended the Queen of the Netherlands to Southampton.

Despatches were sent on Saturday from the Colonial-office to the Governors of the West India Islands.

Viscount and Viscountess Palmerston left town on Saturday afternoon for Brockett-hall.


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