HMS Atlas (1860)
HMS Atlas (1860)

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NameAtlas (1860)Explanation
TypeSecond rate TypeTwo-decker
Launched21 July 1860   
HullWooden Length245 feet
PropulsionScrew Men860
Builders measure3318 tons   
Displacement5260 tons   
Fate1904 Last in commission-
Ships bookADM 135/29   
 Never fitted for sea.
21 July 1860Launched at Chatham Dockyard.
(1861)In reserve, Sheerness.
(1874)In reserve, Chatham.
July 1881Hospital ship, Greenwich (lent to Metropolitan Asylum Board at time of smallpox epidemic; together with Endymion, lent as administration ship).
August 1882Moved to Depford Creek.
1884Lent to Metropolitan Asylum Board.
1904Sold for breaking up upon opening of smallpox hospital at Joyce Green, Dartford.
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Fr 28 January 1859The Atlas, 91, one of the new screw steamers of the line, ordered to be built at Chatham-dockyard, will, in all probability, be launched during the present year, when she will be attached to the Channel squadron. The Hood, 91, just completed at Chatham, is also intended for the Channel fleet.

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