HMS Frolic (1872)
HMS Frolic (1872)

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NameFrolic (1872)Explanation
Launched29 February 1872
Builders measure462 tons
Displacement610 tons
Ships bookADM 135/188
Note1888 drillship.
1893 = WV.30, Coastguard.
1897 = WV.41
Snippets concerning this vessels career
9 January 1873
- 20 April 1876
Commanded (from commissioning at Sheerness) by Commander Claude Edward Buckle, China
21 April 1876
- 30 December 1878
Commanded (from commissioning at Honk Kong) by Commander Arthur Edward Dupuis, China
1 January 1879
- 7 August 1880
Commanded (until paying off at Chatham) by Commander Stuart Hamilton Rickman, China
26 July 1883
- 19 May 1884
Commanded (from commissioning at Sheerness) by Commander Arthur William Moore, West coast of Africa
17 May 1884
- 11 May 1887
Commanded (until paying off at Sheerness) by Commander Alfred Arthur Chase Parr, West coast of Africa, then (December 1885) south-east coast of America, relieving Algerine
28 June 1887Condemned as unfil for further service whllst being brought forward for service on the west coast of Africa
May 1888Headquarters and Drill Ship of the Royal Navy Artillery Volunteers, off Somerset House, London. Officer in charge: Thomas Patter, pensioned Chief Gunner, R.N.
August 1892Towed to Sheerness for conversion by a private contractor to a Coastguard watch vessel after disbanding of the Royal Navy Artillery Volunteers
July 1893Stationed as Coastguard watch vessel on the Roach River station, Essex
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Th 18 January 1877Our Hongkong Correspondent writes under date the 14th of December last:—
"Her Majesty's ships of war in harbour are the Audacious (flag-ship of Vice-Admiral Ryder), Fly, Growler, Nassau, Ringdove and Vigilant. The orders for the Ringdove to leave here on the 16th of December for England have been countermanded. She will now probably be paid off here, thoroughly repaired by the Naval-yard authorities and re-commissioned with the crew of the Lapwing, her present officers and crew returning to England in the troopship Himalaya. By last advances of the 30th of November, the Charybdis, Frolic, and Mosquito remained by the Lapwing at Chan-shan-tan Island. The weather continued fine, but the chances of getting her afloat were very much against her. The Curlew at Tien-tsin, remains there for the winter. The Growler, after a thorough repair to het boilers, has completed her stores, and proceeds to Amoy in the place of the Fly, ordered to remain in Hongkong.
Tu 27 November 1877The Euphrates left Port Said on the 24th inst. for Malta and Portsmouth. Letters have been received from Commodore Sullivan, in the Active, in Simon's Bay, up to the 29th of October. The Industry would convey Mr. StanleyExternal link, the explorer, and his followers to Zanzibar. Letters have been received from Admiral Ryder, in the Audacious, at Hongkong, up to the 11th ult.; he would there await the arrival of his successor. The Sheldrake had returned from Ichang to Hankow. The Lily had gone from Nagasaki to Chinkiang. The Midge left on the 24th of September for Tientsin, where she will winter. The Frolic was still in dock at Shanghai, after collision. The Growler was ordered from the Dindings up to Hongkong, where she will be docked. The Vigilant had been docked. The health of the Squadron was satisfactory.

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