HMS Daring (1844)
HMS Daring (1844)

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NameDaring (1844)Explanation
Launched2 April 1844
Builders measure426 tons
Ships book
Snippets concerning this vessels career
7 September 1844
- February 1847
Commanded by Commander Henry James Matson, home (1844 experimental brig squadron), and North America and West Indies stations
11 February 1847
- 2 October 1848
Commanded by Commander William Peel (Chatham), North America and West Indies
30 August 1852
- 24 October 1856
Commanded by Commander Gerard John Napier, North America and West Indies
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Ma 25 September 1843


The Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty have ordered six brigs of a new class to be built. They are to carry 12 guns each, and are to be employed in the suppression of the slave trade instead of the old 10-gun brigs. Their names are to be, — the Flying Fish, Kingfisher, Mutine, Espiegle, Daring, and Osprey. The Kingfisher and Flying Fish are to be built at Pembroke, according to the plan of the Surveyor of the Navy; the Mutine and Espiegle are to be built at Chatham by Mr. Fincham, the Master-builder of the Dockyard there; and the Daring and Osprey are to be built at this dockyard, under the superintendence of Mr. White, of Cowes, the constructor of the Waterwitch. They are all to be of the same tonnage, and to carry the same masts and spars, armament, and stores. They are to be ready for launching by next May; and, as soon as they are completed for sea, they are to have a trial cruise previous to going on a foreign station. Their armament is to consist of 12 32-pounders, medium guns, which they will have instead of the carronades which brigs usually carry.

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