Royal Navy obituary in the Times newspaper
Royal Navy obituary in the Times newspaper

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The following obituary for Charles Frederick Alexander Shadwell appeared in the Times newspaper.

Obituary in the Times newspaper
4 March 1886We have to record the death of Admiral Sir Charles Frederick Alexander Shadwell, K.C.B., F.R.S., which occurred on Monday, at his residence, Meadowbank, Melksham, Wiltshire. The fourth son of the late Right Hon. Sir Lancelot Shadwell, some time Vice-Chancellor of England, by marriage with Harriet, sister of the late Sir John Richardson, Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, he was born in 1814, and was educated at the Royal Naval College. He entered the Royal Navy in 1827, took part in the operations on the coast of Syria in 1840, and was present at the bombardment of Acre. He was promoted to the rank of commander in 1846. He commanded the Sphinx during the Burmese war of 1852-3, and was advanced to a captaincy in 1853. In 1857 he commanded the Highflyer at the capture of Canton, and he was severely wounded at the Peiho in 1859. From 1864 till 1869 he was captain-superintendent of the Royal Clarence Victualling-yard, at Gosport, and of Haslar Hospital. He became a rear-admiral in 1869, vice-admiral in 1875, and an admiral on the retired list in 1879. The gallant admiral was commander-in-chief in China from 1872 to 1874; he was awarded a good service pension of £300 a year in 1877, and in 1878 he was appointed president of the Royal Naval College at Greenwich. He was nominated a Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath in 1873.

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