Royal Navy obituary in the Times newspaper
Royal Navy obituary in the Times newspaper

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The following obituary for Robert Smart appeared in the Times newspaper.

Obituary in the Times newspaper
14 September 1874We have to record the death of Admiral Sir Robert Smart, K.C.B., K.H., which occurred at his seat, Rothbury-house, Chiswick, on the 10th inst. The deceased was the third son of the late Mr. John Smart, of Trewhitt house, Northumberland, and was born in 1796. He entered the Navy in 1810, on board the Adamant, 50, flagship of Rear-Admiral Otway, on the Leith station, and, after serving in the Plover, Rifleman, and Pique, assisted in the Glasgow at the bombardment of Algiers. In 1820, while serving in the Glasgow in the Mediterranean, he was nominated Acting-Lieut. of the Scout, 18, and was soon afterwards confirmed into the same ship. In 1827, while attached to the Cambrian, 48, he fought at the battle of Navarino. In 1828 he was promoted to Commander and in 1832 was appointed to the Satellite, and in her made prize of two slavers, one of them laden with 577 negroes. He was posted in 1837; commanded the Impregnable, 104, and Howe, 120, in the Mediterranean from 1841 to 1843; and the Collingwood, 80, in the Pacific from 1844 until 1848. From 1849 until the close of 1852, he commanded the Indefatigable, 50, in the Mediterranean. He was next for a short time Captain-Superintendent at Woolwich,and was Superintendent of Pembroke Dockyard from 1854 until advanced to Flag rank in 1857. He commanded the Channel Squadron from January, 1861, till April, 1863,and was Commander-in-Chief in the Mediterranean from the latter date until April, 1860. Sir Robert had been in receipt of a Flag officers good-service pension since January, 1869. An Admiral's good-service pension is placed at the disposal of the First Lord of the Admiralty by his death.

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