Royal Navy obituary in the Times newspaper
Royal Navy obituary in the Times newspaper

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The following obituary for Edward Alverne Bolitho appeared in the Times newspaper.

Obituary in the Times newspaper
28 September 1908

Captain E.A. Bolitho, R.N.

Captain Edward Alverne Bolitho, who died on Friday, at his residence, Rockbeare-house, near Exeter, was a son of the late Thomas Simon Bolitho, and a brother of Mr. Thomas Robins Bolitho. of Trengwainton and Penalverne.
Captain Bolitho, who was born in December, 1842, joined the Royal Navy as a cadet in 1857, and received his commission as a lieutenant in April, 1866. While serving on the East Indies station in 1868, he took part in the Abyssinian expedition, the naval arrangements in connexion with which were in the hands of Commodore Heath, who in his report made favourable mention of a number of officers. For his services on this occasion he received the Abyssinian Medal. In March, 1871, to this decoration was added the bronze medal of the Royal Humane Society, which was presented to him for most gallantly jumping into the sea from the Commodore, as that vessel was steaming just outside Weymouth, and supporting a man who had fallen overboard, until assistance arrived. In December, 1879, he was promoted to the rank of commander, and had as the first ship under his pennant, the Dragon, sloop, on the East Indies station. It was while in command of this vessel that Commander Bolitho supported Commander Charles Johnstone of the Dryad, sloop, in the action the latter officer considered it necessary to take at Tamatave, in June, 1883, for the protection of British interests when these appeared to be threatened by Rear-Admiral Pierre, the French Commander-in-Chief. Johnstone, with his two little sloops, prepared for action in face of overwhelming odds, prevented any interference with the mails, and saved much valuable property. Throughout the crisis he received the cordial support of his brother commander. In December, 1892, Bolitho retired from active service with the rank of Captain.
Captain Bolitho married in December, 1880, Catherine Johns, the third daughter of the late William Bolitho, of Polwithen, and leaves a family. The funeral will take place at Gulval Church, Penzance, this morning.

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