Royal Navy obituary in the Times newspaper
Royal Navy obituary in the Times newspaper

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The following obituary for Thomas Bourchier appeared in the Times newspaper.

Obituary in the Times newspaper
28 April 1849Chatham, April 27.— It is with extreme regret that we announce the death of Captain Sir T. Bourchier, K.C.B., Captain-Superintendent, who expired at 3 o'clock in the morning of Thursday, the 26th. This gallant officer was appointed to this yard on the 20th of September, 1846, and during the whole time he has hardly been free from illness: his constitution was first broken when he was in China. Lady Bourchier has been unremitting in her attendance both by day and night on her husband; she was at the bedside with Dr. Giddes, of the Poictiers, when the gallant officer breathed his last. He was in the 59th year of his age. The following is an account of his services:— he was Midshipman of the Majestic at the surrender of Heligoland, Lieutenant of the Forester, and commanded the boats cutting out a brig and schooner, and destroying the guns and magazine of the battery at Guadeloupe, and at the taking of Martinique, for which he received a medal; he was Lieutenant of the Tenedos at the capture of the United States frigate President, at the expedition up the Penobscot, and commanded the seamen and marines; he was promoted Captain September 12, 1827, and appointed to the Blonde, and commanded a brigade of seamen in the capture of Canton, and assisted in taking Amoy and Shanghai in 1841, and was at the attack on the Chinese camp at Segahon. Woosung, and Shanghai, and the city of Chin-Kiang-Foo in 1842. In consequence of the demise of this officer, the Poictiers ordinary guardship and the whole of the ships in the ordinary have their colours half-mast high, and will continue so until after the funeral.
4 May 1849The funeral of Captain Sir Thomas Bourchier, K.C.B., Captain-Superintendent of this yard, takes place on the 3d inst. Admiral Sir E. Codrington, G.C.B. arrived this day at the official residence of the late Captain-Superintendent to visit his daughter, Lady Bourchier. As the funeral is to be public, the road leading from the Dockyard to the new burial ground at Chatham will be lined with troops under arms. The body will be conveyed to the tomb on a gun carriage, drawn by the seamen from the Poictiers.
The whole of the officers of the garrison, including the Regiments of the Line, Royal Engineers, and East India Company, and Royal Artillery, with the non-commissioned officers of the several corps, have received orders to attend the funeral.
Sir Thoms Bourchier, K.C.B., was bom on the 10th of March, 1791; he was the son of Major-General Sir John Bourchier.

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