Royal Navy obituary in the Times newspaper
Royal Navy obituary in the Times newspaper

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The following obituary for George Le Geyt Bowyear appeared in the Times newspaper.

Obituary in the Times newspaper
17 February 1903Vice-Admiral George Le Geyt Bowyear, C.B., died on Saturday evening at his residence in St. Heliers, Jersey. He was the youngest son of the late Mr. Thomas Kyerwood Bowyear, of Dilwyn, Herefordshire, was born at Dilwyn, Herefordshire, in 1818 [1815 according to service record ADM/1/500], and entered the Navy as a cadet in December, 1830, becoming a lieutenant in April, 1840. After serving in both the West and East Indies in small ships, he was fortunate enough to be selected by Captain Keppel (the present Admiral of the Fleet) as his first lieutenant, when he commissioned the 44-gun frigate Maeander on November 1, 1847. The Maeander had a long and somewhat eventful commission in China and Australia, and on the return of the ship to England in the autumn of 1851, Bowyear was promoted to commander. On January 1, 1853, he was appointed commander of the Vengeance, Lord Edward Russel, one of the 84-gun Iine-of-battle ships forming part of the Mediterranean Fleet; and in that ship he took part in the bombardment of Sevastopol by the allied English and French fleets on October 17,1854, the Vengeance being towed into action by the screw corvette Highflyer. During the later part of the war Commander Bowyear commanded the Vulcan, and for his services he was promoted to Captain on May 10, 1856, and was also one of the officers selected to receive the Legion of Honour and the Medjidie, being made a Knight of the First Order and receiving the fifth class of the latter. As a captain he commanded the 60-gun ship Sanspareil in China, and the 51-gun frigate Phaeton on the North American and West Indian Station. After holding several home appointments he was appointed in August, 1869, senior officer at Bermuda in charge of the dockyard ? a post which he held until September, 1870, when he voluntarily retired. He was nominated to a Companionship of the Order of the Bath on her late Majesty's birthday in 1869.
Admiral Bowyear was unmarried.

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