O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'
O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'

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The following is the entry for Thomas Creser in William O'Byrnes 1849 'Naval Biographical Dictionary'.

CRESER. (Lieutenant, 1826.)

Thomas Creser entered the Navy 3 Nov. 1809; and served as Midshipman of the Galatea 36, Capt. Woodley Losack, in a long and desperate action fought off Madagascar, 20 May, 1811, between a British squadron, consisting of the above ship, the 36-gun frigates Astrea and Phoenix, and 18-gun brig Racehorse, the whole under the orders of Commodore Chas. Marsh Schomberg, and a French force, composed of the 40-gun frigates R?nomm?e, N?r?ide, and Clorinde, the two former of which were captured, after a loss to the Galatea of 16 men killed and 46 wounded. We subsequently find Mr. Creser on board the Majestic 56, Capt. John Hayes, at the capture, 3 Feb. 1814, of the Terpsichore French frigate, of 44 guns, after a running fight of two hours and a half, as also, 15 Jan. 1815, of the American ship President, of 56 guns. He passed his examination in 1816; ultimately obtained a commission 10 Jan. 1826; and on rejoining Capt. Hayes on 18 Sept. 1829 in the Ganges 84, at Portsmouth, continued to serve with him, latterly in the Dryad 42, until Sept. 1831. He then assumed charge for a few months of the Plumper gun-brig, on the coast of Africa, where, in conjunction with the military, he appears to have conducted a successful enterprise against the natives in the river Gambia. His appointments have since been to the command, on the Falmouth station ? 26 Sept. 1839, of the Hope 10 ? 5 July, 1841, of the Star 6 ? and, 23 Oct. 1843, of the Peterel 6, in which latter vessel he is now serving.
Lieut. Creser married, 15 Jan. 1829, Elizabeth Rose, youngest daughter of the late W. Davy, Esq., by whom he has issue. Agents ? Messrs. Ommanney.

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