Vessels of the Modified Leda (1820) class
Vessels of the Modified Leda (1820) class

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This table shows all vessels of the class which were carried on the books of the Royal Navy in the period 1840-1880. The total number of vessels in the class may have been higher (vessels disposed of before 1840 or acquired after 1880).

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Minerva1820.06.131895WWFifth rate1082461861 h.s.
Melampus1820.08.101906WWFifth rate1089461854 h.s. 1886-1891 lent War Dept
Venus1820.08.101864WWFifth rate1069461848-62 lent as t.s.
Latona1821.06.161875WWFifth rate107146
Nereus1821.07.301879WWFifth rate1095461843 storeship, h.s.
Amazon1821.08.151863WWFifth rate1078461844 28 gun 6th rate
Diana1822.01.081874WWFifth rate1083461868 h.s.
Hamadryad1823.07.251905WWFifth rate1082461866 lend as seamans hospital
Thames1823.08.211863WWFifth rate1088461841 convict ship. 1863.09.06 sunk at moorings
Unicorn1824.03.30WWFifth rate1084461860 powder hulk. 1873 RNR drill ship. 1939 = Unicorn II. 1941 = Cressy. 1959 = Unicorn. 1968 preserved. still extantExternal link.
Thisbe1824.09.091892WWFifth rate1083461863 lent as church ship
Aeolus1825.06.171886WWFifth rate1035461846 store ship. 1855 accommodation ship. 1861 lazarette
Mermaid1825.07.301875WWFifth rate1085461850 powder hulk. 1863 lent War Dept
Daedalus1826.05.021911WWFifth rate1083461843 reduced to 20 guns, 1862 RNR drill ship
Mercury1826.11.161906WWFifth rate1084461861 c.h.
Hebe1826.12.141873WWFifth rate1078461839 r.s. 1861 hulk
Circe1827.09.221922WWFifth rate1079461866 h.s. 1916 = Impregnable IV
Clyde1828.10.091904WWFifth rate10811447461870 = RNR drill ship
Penelope1829.08.131864WWFifth rate1091461843 paddle 1616 bm 12 guns
Fox1829.08.171882WWFifth rate1080461856 screw transport. 1862 storeship.
Thalia1830.011867WWFifth rate1082461855 Roman Catholic chapel ship at Portsmouth

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