Francis Mowbray Prattent R.N.
Francis Mowbray Prattent R.N.

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Francis Mowbray Prattent R.N.Explanation
Date (from)(Date to)Personal
19 May 1833 Born (Ramsgate)
30 October 1892 Died (Plymouth)
1847Entered Navy
14 May 1853Lieutenant
24 November 1862Commander
19 May 1870Captain
9 August 1882Vice-Admiral
24 May 1887Rear-Admiral
6 September 1892Retired Vice-Admiral
Date fromDate toService
17 June 18548 February 1855Lieutenant in Excellent, commanded by Thomas Maitland, gunner ship, Portsmouth
8 February 1855 Lieutenant in Pembroke, commanded by George Henry Seymour, the Baltic during the Russian War
6 September 18561859Lieutenant in Princess Royal, commanded by George Giffard, Mediterranean
7 March 186017 April 1860Lieutenant in Centurion, commanded by Henry Downing Rogers, Channel squadron
17 April 1860 Lieutenant in Bacchante, commanded by Donald McLeod Mackenzie, flagship of Rear-Admiral Thomas Maitland, Pacific
15 April 1863 Commander (2ic) in Leander, commanded by Thomas Harvey, southern division of the Pacific station
5 December 1866 Commander (2ic) in Formidable, commanded by Donald McLeod Mackenzie, flagship of Vice-Admiral Baldwin Wake Walker, Sheerness
6 July 1868 Commander in Brilliant, Royal Naval Reserve drill ship, Dundee
31 May 1875 Additional Captain in Duke of Wellington, commanded by Francis William Sullivan, flagship of the port admiral, Portsmouth, for service in the Assistance
1 December 18757 February 1879Captain in Assistance
14 November 188115 July 1883Captain in Belleisle, Coast Guard, Kingstown
September 1883August 1885Commodore in Jamaica (a report in the Times newspaper for 26 August 1885 that he was relieved due to "irregularities in the expenditure of public money by various departments of the dock yard at Port Royal" subsequently turned out to be untrue)

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