John Beecroft
John Beecroft

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John Beecroft 
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1790 Born (near Whitby).
18051814Held by French after capture serving in coasting vessel.
18?? Commanded transport vessel in expedition to Greenland led by Sir William Parry.
1829 Superintendent of works at Fernando Po (formally Spanish since 1777, but occupied by Britain since 1827).
18301832Acting governor at Fernando Po.
1833 Effective governor (although private citizen) at Fernando Po after British pull-out.
1835 Ascended River Niger 300 miles in steamer Quorra.
1836 Ascended Cross River 120 miles from Old Calabar.
1840 Ascended Benin River.
1841 Ascended Cross River.
1841 Assisted withdrawal of Niger expedition in steamer Ethiope.
1842 Ascended Cross River.
1843 Appointed unpaid Governor of Fernando Po by Spain, upon that countries reassertion of authority.
18441849Employed by Royal Navy on political missions.
30 June 1849 British Consul to the Bights of Benin and Biafra.
10 June 1854 Died (buried in Fernando Po).
Literature: (Dyke).
Extracts from the Times newspaper
Fr 6 October 1854


On June 10, at Clarence, after 25 years' residence in Africa, John Beecroft, Esq., Her Britannic Majesty's Consul, and Governor of Fernando Po. He was buried on Sunday, the 11th, amidst the tears of friends and colonists, with all naval honours, paid by Her Majesty's vessels Britomart and Polyphemus.

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