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Victorian Royal Navy vessels

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These tables show all vessels carried on the books of the Royal Navy in the period 1840-1880.

Valiant1863.10.14ISBroadside ironclad frigate67101819564871888 h.s. 1897 d.s. 1904 = Indus IV. 1916 = Valiant (old). 1919 = Valiant III. 1924 oil hulk
Valiant (old)1916rSee: Valiant 1863
Valiant III1919rSee: Valiant 1863
Valorous1851.04.30WP2nd class frigate12552300161891
Vanguard1835.08.25WWThird rate26097818751867 = Ajax
Vanguard1870.01.03ISCentral battery ironclad377460101418754881875.09.01 sunk in collision with Iron Duke off Wicklow, Ireland
Variable1827.10.06WWBrig-sloop2311018471829 = Pigeon
Vengeance1824.07.27WWSecond rate22848418971861 r.s.
Vengeur1810.06.19WWThird rate17657418431824.02 r.s.
Venus1820.08.10WWFifth rate10694618641848-62 lent as t.s.
Vernon1832.05.01WWFourth rate183223885019231876 torpedo school. 1886 = Actaeon
Vernon1886rSee: Donegal 1858
Vernon II1904rSee: Marlborough 1855
Vernon III1904rSee: Warrior 1860
Vestal1833.04.06WWSixth rate913261862
Vesuvius1839.07.11WP1st class sloop970128361866490 
Vesuvius1874.03.24ISTorpedo vessel24419234TT. Foundered after sale
Veteran1839rSee: Prometheus 1807
Victor1814.10.29WWSloop382181842Sailed from Vera Cruz for Halifax; never seen again, presumed foundered with all hands (130)
Victor1855.11.24WSGunvessel868618634911863 sold as Scylla, then became Rappahannock (Confederate navy)
Victor Emmanuel1855.09.27WSSecond rate30874814911899493See: Repulse 1855. 1873 r.s.
Victoria1855rSee: Windsor Castle 1858
Victoria1859.11.12WSFirst rate412769591211893
Victoria and Albert1843.04.26WPYacht103418683411854 = Osborne
Victoria and Albert1855.01.16WPYacht234524701904Laid down as Windsor Castle. Ships book ADM 136/1
Victorious1808.10.20WWThird rate17247418621826 r.s.
Victory1765.05.07WWFirst rate21421001801 rebuilt 2164 bm.1824 h.s. 1922 drydocked. Still in commission.
Viga1860.04aW-Coal hulk3041863Slaver brig, captured
Vigilant1871.02.17WPDispatch vessel83598521886495
Vigo1810.02.21WWThird rate17877418651827 r.s.
Vigo1865rSee: Agincourt 1817
Ville de Paris1795.07.17WWFirst rate235111018451825 h.s.
Vindictive1813.11.23WWThird rate17587418711832 reduced to 50 guns. 1862 storeship. 1871 foundered and wreck sold
Viper1865.12.01ISArmoured gunboat7371230419084971890 h.s. 1901 tank vessel
Virago1842.07.25WP1st class sloop1059166961876498
Virginia1862.01aW-Coal hulk1951866ex-barque, purchased
Vivid1912rSee: Cuckoo 1873
Vivid (old)1920rSee: Cuckoo 1873
Vixen1841.02.04WP1st class sloop1054137961862499
Vixen1865.11.18CSArmoured gunboat754123041895500
Volage1825.02.19WWSixth rate5212818741847 survey ship. 1855 floating powder depôt.
Volage1869.02.27ISCorvette3080101904502Ordered as Cerberus
Volcano1836.06.29WPSloop7201006218945011854? 'floating factory' (repair ship)
Vulcan1849.01.27ISFrigate174718675031851 troopship. Sold as barque Jorawur
Vulture1843.09.21WP2nd class frigate1190196061866 
Wallace1855.07aIPVessel1281869ex-Lyons, purchased
Warrior1781.10.18WWThird rate16427418571818 r.s. 1840 convict ship
Warrior1860.12.29ISIronclad broadside frigate6109913637Ships book ADM 136/2. 1902 d.s. 1904 = Vernon III. 1923 = Warrior, hulk. 1945 C77. 1987 restored. still extant.
Warrior1923rSee: Warrior 1860
Warspite1807.11.16WWThird rate18907618761840 reduced to 50 guns. 1862 lent as t.s. 1876.01.03 burn by accident at Woolwich
Warspite1876rSee: Waterloo 1833
Wasp1850.05.28WS Sloop (1862: Corvette)9731337141869506
Waterloo1818.10.16WWSecond rate20568018921824 = Bellerophon. 1856 h.s.
Waterloo1833.06.10WWFirst rate269412019181859 screw. 1862 = Conqueror. 1876 = Warspite t.s. 1918.01.20 burnt in Thames
Waterwitch1837.11aWWBrig-sloop319101861ex-yacht, purchased
Waterwitch1866.06.28IHArmoured gunboat120541890508
Wave1856.06.25WSGunboat232418911879 hulked, 1882 = Clinker
Weasel1873.09.04ISGunboat254119??1904 = C118, oil fuel lighter
Wellesley1815.02.24WWThird rate17467419401854 guard ship. 1868 = Cornwall, t.s. 1940.09.24 sunk in Thames by air attack
Wellesley1869rSee: Cornwall 1812
Wellesley1874rSee: Boscawen 1844
Wellington1816rSee: Hero 1816
Weser1855aIPGunboat54046841873Launched 1851 as Salamander (Prussian). Exchanged. 1866 h.s.
Weymouth1804aWWFifth rate826361863ex-Indiaman Wellesley, purchased. 1811 storeship 11 guns. 1828 convict ship
Wilberforce1840.10IPExploration vessel45734031850Purchased on stocks
Wild Swan1876.01.28CSSloop113061920
Wildfire1838.01aWPPacket1861888Transferred from Post Office, ex-Watersprite
Wildfire1916rSee: Cornwallis 1813
William and Mary1807.11.14WWRoyal yacht19981849
Winchester1822.06.21WWFourth rate14875219211861 = Conway, t.s. 1876 = Mount Edgcombe
Winchester1861rSee: Conway 1832
Windsor Castle1852.09.14WSFirst rate3771582913119091421852.10.01 = Duke of Wellington. 1863 h.s.
Windsor Castle1858.08.26WSFirst rate31014971116190875Laid down as sailing Victoria. Converted to screw on stocks. 1869 = Cambridge gunnery ship
Wivern1863.10aISMasted turret ship18992751419225121863.08.29 launched as El Monassir (Turkish) but intended for US Confederate navy. Siezed and purchased. 1898 h.s.
Wizard1830.05.24WWBrig-sloop2311018591859.02.08 wrecked at Berehaven
Wolf1826.12.01WWSloop4541818781848 hulk. 1859 c.h.
Wolverene1836.10.13WWBrig-sloop4281618551855.08.11 wrecked on Courtown Bank
Wolverene1863.08.29WSCorvette170324312119231881 t.s. in Australia. 1923 sold as sheer hulk
Woodlark1821.07.31WSschooner tender81418631829 survey ship
Worcester1843.10.10WWFourth rate14685218851862 lent as t.s.
Worcester1876rSee: Frederick William 1860
Wye1814.08.17WWFourth rate4472418521828 convict ship
Wye1855rSee: Hecla 1855
York1807.07.07WWThird rate17437418541819 convict ship
Young Hebe1843aWWSchooner451847
Young Queen1862.09aWWSurvey brig751870Purchased. 1862.12 = Saracen
Zealous1864.03.07WSCentral battery ironclad31766096201886517Laid down as 2nd rate 90 guns. 1873 guard ship
Zebra1815.11.18WWBrig-sloop3851818401840.12.02 wrecked off Mount Carmel, Palestine. Launched 1815.12.18
Zebra1860.11.13WSSloop (1862: Corvette)9511336171873520
Zephyr1837.04aWPPacket2371865518Launched 1827. Transferred from Post Office, ex-Dragon
Zephyr1873.02.11CSGunboat438418895191889 sold as salvage vessel. 1929 broken up

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