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Victorian Royal Navy vessels

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These tables show all vessels carried on the books of the Royal Navy in the period 1840-1880.

Aboukir1848.04.04WWSecond rate308090187711858 screw
Abundance1855rSee: Alfred 1855
Abyssinia1870.02.19ISBreastwork monitor290041903
Acheron1835.10.23WPSloop72010061855Launched 1838.08.23
Acheron1904rSee: Northumberland 1866
Achille1798.04.16WWThird rate19817418651823 rebuilt
Achilles1863.12.23ISBroadside ironclad frigate612198202019232First iron ship built in Royal Naval dockyard. 1886 h.s. 1902 = Hibernia, base ship. 1904 = Egmont. 1918 = Egremont. 1919 = Pembroke.
Acorn1838.11.15WW2nd class brig4851218691861 c.h.
Actaeon1831.01.31WWSixth rate6201618891856 survey ship. 1866 hospital ship. 1870 hulk
Actaeon1886rSee: Vernon 1832
Actaeon1905rSee: Ariadne 1859
Actaeon II1906rSee: Dido 1869
Active1799.12.14WWFifth rate10583818601833 = Argo
Active1845.07.19WWFifth rate16273619081863 t.s. 1867.07 = Tyne. 1867.11 = Durham
Adder1837.05aWPPacket240272118701826 launched. Transferred from Post Office, ex-Crocodile. 1848 dockyard tender
Adelaide1832.04.02WWRevenue cutter143
Adelaide1848.05aWWCutter1401850Ex-slaver. 1850.10.09 wrecked Banana Island, W. Africa
Admiralty1814.05.21WWYacht115018701830.07 = Plymouth. 1866 = YC.1
Adventure1821rSee: Aid 1809
Adventure1857rSee: Resolute 1855
Advice1837.04aWPPacket1971187051827 launched. Transferred from Post Office, ex-Vixen. 1849 tug
Aeolus1825.06.17WWFifth rate10354618861846 store ship. 1855 accommodation ship. 1861 lazarette
Aetna1824.05.14WWBomb vessel375618??1826 survey vessel. 1846 sold Bristol Seamen's Friendly Society.
Aetna1855.05.03WSFloating battery14691418551855.05.03 caught fire on stocks and launched herself
Aetna1856.04.05WSFloating battery155816187361866 h.s. 1873 accidentally burnt
Africa1859rSee: Euryalus 1803
Africa1862.03.29WSSloop669913186271862.08 = China, sold to Chinese Imperial Customs. 1865 resold to Egyptian government
Africaine1827.12.20WWFifth rate1173461903Never commissioned. 1867 Trinity House hulk
African1825.08.30WPGunvessel29548721862Laid down as Dee. Later tug
Agamemnon1852.05.22WS2nd rate, 2 decker31024614911870
Agincourt1817.03.19WWThird rate17477418841848 t.s. 1865 = Vigo. 1866 hospital ship. 1870 r.s.
Agincourt1865.03.27ISBroadside ironclad frigate663810600361960Laid down as Captain. 1895 t.s. 1904 = Boscawen III. 1906 = Ganges II. 1908 = C109 c.h.
Aid1809.04.04WWTransport3141018531817 survey ship. 1821 = Adventure. 1830 sloop. 1839 transport
Aigle1801.09.23WWFifth rate9905674418701831 24 gun 6th rate. 1853 c.h. 1870 torpedo target
Ajax1809.05.02WWThird rate176174186491848 screw blockship 60 guns
Ajax1867rSee: Vanguard 1835
Akbar1806rSee: Cornwallis 1801
Akbar1862rSee: Hero 1816
Alacrity1872aWWSchooner8511882ex Ethel
Alarm1845.04.22WWSixth rate9102619041860 c.h. 1900 landing stage
Alban1826.12.27WPGunvessel295218601831 rebuilt 407 bm
Albatross1842.03.28WW2nd class brig484161860
Albert1840.08.29IPExploration vessel457340318501843.07.13 wrecked. Later salved and transferred to Gambia govt.
Albion1842.09.06WWSecond rate31119018841861 screw
Alert1835.09.24WWPacket brig35881851
Alert1856.05.20WSSloop75110441718961878 survey ship. 1884 given to American research society
Alexandra1875.04.07ISCentral battery ironclad9490221908Laid down as Superb. 1903 h.s.
Alfred1819rSee: Asia 1811
Alfred1855.01aISStoreship, bakery61718561855.02 = Abundance
Algerine1857.02.24WSGunboat29931894131872 sold for mercantile use as Algerine
Algiers1854.01.26WS2nd rate, 2 decker3340473091187011converted to screw on stocks
Algiers1883r12See: Anson 1860
Algiers1915rSee: Triumph 1870
Alligator1821.03.29WWSixth rate5002818651841 d.s. 1842 troopship. 1846 hospital ship
Amazon1821.08.15WWFifth rate10784618631844 28 gun 6th rate
Amazon1865.05.23WSSloop1081152541866141866.07.10 collided with SS Osprey off the Start, English Channel
Ambuscade1846rSee: Amphion 1846
Amelia1888rSee: Hawk 1869
America1810.04.21WWThird rate17417418671835 50 gun 4th rate. 1864 target
Amethyst1844.12.07WWSixth rate923261869Lent for use as cable vessel. 1869 then sold as cable vessel
Amphion1846.01.14WSFrigate14742049361864Ordered as sailer Ambuscade. Converted to screw on stocks
Amphitrite1816.04.14WWFifth rate10644618751846 24 gun 6th rate. 1862 lent to contractors at Plymouth
Andromache1832.08.27WWSixth rate7092818751846 provision hulk. 1854 powder hulk
Andromeda1829.01.06WWFifth rate12154618631846 provision hulk. Launched 1829.03
Anson1812.05.11WWThird rate17427418511831 h.s. 1844 convict ship in Tasmania
Anson1860.09.15WSSecond rate33365500911904121883 = Algiers
Ant1873.08.14ISGunboat245241119261917 boom defence vessel. 1921 target
Antelope1802.11.10WWFourth rate11075018451818 troopship. 1824 convict ship
Antelope1846.07.20IPSloop (packet)65010554188319
Apollo1805.06.27WWFifth rate10863818561836 troopship. 1853 storeship
Arab1847.03.31WW2nd class brig4811618791863 Coastguard. 1867 = WV.18
Arab1874.10.13CSSloop (1876: Gunvessel)72031889
Archer1849.03.27WSSloop (1862: Corvette)971133712186620
Arethusa1817.07.29WWFifth rate10854618831836 lazarette. 1844 = Bacchus. 1852 c.s.
Arethusa1849.06.20WWFourth rate21323832501934211861 screw. 1874 t.s.
Argo1833rSee: Active 1799
Argus1884rSee: Imogene 1864
Ariadne1816.02.10WWSixth rate511201841
Ariadne1859.06.04WSFrigate321445832619221880 part of Vernon torpedo t.s. 1884 t.s. 1905 = Actaeon
Ariel1837.02aWPPacket149118??1821 launched. Transferred from Post Office, ex-Arrow. 1850 Sold for mercentile service
Ariel1873.02.11CSGunboat29543641889231877 Coastguard
Armada1810.03.22WWThird rate1749741863
Arrow1823.03.14WWCutter1571018521831 Customs cutter
Asia1811.12.02WWThird rate17637418651819 = Alfred. 1828 50 gun 4th rate
Asia1824.01.19WWSecond rate22898419081858 guard ship
Asp1837aWPPacket11211881271825 Launched. Transferred from Post Office, ex-Fury
Assistance1850.03aWWDiscovery vessel420218541835 Launched. Ex-Baboo, purchased. 1854.08.25 abandoned Bathurst Island, Artic
Assistance1855.04.05WSStoreship1793226018601860.06.07 wrecked near Hong Kong Wrecked 1860.06.01
Astraea1810.05WWFifth rate9563618511823 h.s.
Atalanta1878rSee: Juno 1844
Atalante1860aISStoreship2951870Purchased as Atalante. 1861 = Manilla
Atholl1820.11.23WWSixth rate5032818631832 troopship
Atlas1860.07.21WSSecond rate3318526091190429Not completed for sea. 1884 lent to Metropolitan Asylum Board
Audacious1869.02.27ISCentral battery ironclad37746010141927301902 torpedo d.s. 1904 = Fisgard. 1906 t.s. 1914 = Imperiéuse, repair ship
Aurora1809WWSloop2471418??1810.09 captured by France off Mauritius
Aurora1814.02aWWFifth rate10833818511808 launched. 1814.02.26 captured as Clorinde (French). 1832 c.h.
Avenger1845.08.05WPFrigate14441018471847.12.20 wrecked on Sorelle Rocks, off North Africa, 246 drowned
Avon1837aWPPacket36021863311825 Launched. Transferred from Post Office, ex-Thetis. 1839 transport. 1843 survey ship. 1849 tender
Azov1855.07.14WWSchooner gunboat94218991859 h.s.

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